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Momneverstops makes first you tube video!

Momneverstops makes first you tube video!

My husband encouraged me to make a few videos regarding scrap booking techniques and ideas.  I wasn't sure at the beginning since I don't like being taped and recorded.  I gave in and tried my first video this weekend on a subject that I love - scr.. Read More

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Ultimate Scrapbooking Retreat

Ultimate Scrapbooking Retreat

To quote my husband "Good friends, good food, little sleep, and cropping..... life is good!" I was gone on a 4 day scrapbooking retreat this past weekend and it was great! We went to Magnolia Ridge Hideaway in Mt. Horeb, WI. This is a house that.. Read More

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Scrapbook Organization begins ...

Scrapbook Organization begins …

I have decided enough is enough! I need to get all my scrapbook stuff organized. I have started this weekend with my pictures because without them being organized nothing can be completed. Step 1: Take a small stacks of pictures and sort them.. Read More

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New products are coming….

Started out the weekend with a relaxing dinner and then made our way to the Speakeasy in the hotel.  Rhoda was excited to be able fulfill her dream of karaoke – she just didn’t realize that she said it out loud. As her good friends we made it ha.. Read More

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I ran out of space on the refrigerator…..

There is absolutely no room left on the refrigerator for one more piece of artwork from the kids.  I love to scrapbook all their school projects so in order to get them all in the book I have started to take pictures of their artwork.  I hang the p.. Read More

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Organizing your pictures

Mom, I need 30 pictures for class tomorrow for my timeline project!  How many of you have heard that at 7:00 pm the night before they need them?  Here is a tip to help you stay on top of all those pictures. Get a photo box and mark the dividers whe.. Read More

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