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He's Broken!

He’s Broken!

I had 5 little ones all the same age - at this time they were 2  1/2 or 3 years old.  It was playtime and we were building block towers for the cars to drive through. All of a sudden one of them announced that " Cal's butt was broken!" .. Read More

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The “gift of time”

This past month I have been struggling a bit with the thought of not working full time for the first time in 22 years this summer. I run a home based daycare and this last school year I only did daycare before and after school. My plan is to grow ou.. Read More

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It's Charlie!

It’s Charlie!

Daycare update... Well, school has started and the kids are here before and after school. The mornings consist of a few cartoons, games, breakfast, and 20 minutes of daily reading. They are required to read for 20 minutes a day for school. I go t.. Read More

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Fun things to do at summer school...

Fun things to do at summer school…

  Another activity for summer daycare: Summer School: This week summer school begins for the daycare.   Summer school here in our school district offers the kids academic, art, sports, drama and a whole bunch of other options.   They.. Read More

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Jelly Belly Factory

Jelly Belly Factory

Jelly beans, jelly beans, and more jelly beans!   What a great time we had at the Jelly Belly Factory.  When you arrive you can take a ride on a train through the warehouse (you are not allowed to take pictures on this tour) to see the making .. Read More

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Look there they are again!

On the ride back and forth to summer school this last year we saw this pair of deer almost daily. I would get to this part of the road and the kids would be on the look out.  They were so excited when we were able to get pictures of them.   .. Read More

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