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Thankful #4 - my church

Thankful #4 – my church

Thankful #4 - my church. It is great to be a member of a Bible believing and preaching church. I know when I go on a Sunday I will be taught from the Word of God and it can be applied to my life. Our pastors are awesome!.. Read More

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Thankful #3

Thankful #3

Thankful # 3 - my Saturday morning breakfasts out with Wally. It is something that we are trying to do each week - just by ourselves on a Saturday morning. We have a good breakfast and just chat with each other. Special times.. Read More

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Thankful #2 - Answered prayers

Thankful #2 – Answered prayers

Thankful #2 -  Answered prayers I have always known that God answers prayers when we pray. Sometimes the prayers are answered the way I want and other times they are not.  There are even prayers that are unanswered at times. Over the past 2 mont.. Read More

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Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite Christian authors. She has written well over 50 books and I have read most of them. My favorite books are the ones on the Baxter Family. There are several series Redemption Series, Firstborn Series, Sunrise S.. Read More

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Weight Loss Wednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday

Where are you at in your weight loss journey? Let's be honest and real. Look at how far you've come and set a real workable goal. Maybe it will be about a number on the scale or maybe it will be about a fitness goal. The point is to objectively l.. Read More

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Weight Loss Wednesday - update

Weight Loss Wednesday – update

This week on Weight Loss Wednesday the questions were: What have you accomplished in your weight loss journey?  Is it a number on the scale?  Or an eating habit that you've changed?  Or a fitness goal that you've reached?  Or maybe something.. Read More

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