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How to work out as you clean

Housework is already a demanding chore, which takes quite a lot of effort and is usually frowned upon. The truth is that for anyone in tune with an active lifestyle, house cleaning represents a wonderful opportunity for burning some extra calories.
How do you turn home cleaning into home training? There are few main principles you need to follow if you wish to make the most out of your cleaning session. One is to never shift the focus away from cleaning, as that is what you are after in the first place. It sure is nice to burn a few extra calories, but someone has to house clean after all. The other most important aspect is following these tips, which add a workout element to your cleaning rounds:

  • Work with a set timer - the key to aerobic exercises is devoting enough time to them so that they can help out your lungs and heart. A 30 minute period is considered the minimal amount of time for a successful medium-intensity workout, so try to go with that at least. There are a lot you of home cleaning chores you can check off your list in 30 minutes, but even if that time is not enough, you can always extend it as you deem necessary.
  • Listen to fast music - there have been conducted studies that show loud and fast music can in fact improve the rate of a workout. Since you are all after quick and effective work, you should totally play music in the background. An added benefit is that it will instantly spark up your mood and make domestic cleaning more bearable. Pick your favourite tunes and make a long enough playlist to last for the entire home clean. Time will pass like a breeze then.
  • Focus on carpet cleaning - a lot of cleaning sessions feature carpet cleaning. Addressing this task regularly is not only good for keeping dust and dirt off your carpets, but also for keeping your abdominal muscles in shape. Regular vacuuming burns 190 calories an hour, but you can up that amount by introducing single leg lunges. Step forward with one leg and lunge till the knee of your other leg forms a 90 degree angle with the ground. Repeat with each leg and make your vacuuming a real workout challenge.
  • Floor cleaning - vacuuming sure is nice, but it is not enough to address all floor surfaces. Sometimes you have to mop and sweep, and that is another great opportunity for working out. Switch arms often, as you want even muscle training. Floor cleaning may also involve scrubbing on your hands and knees, which is a great upper arm and shoulder workout.
  • Introduce wrist and ankle weights - adding weights as you work to clean your home is a great way to increase the workout element. Weights are inseparable part of every fitness fan. If you are experienced enough or love a challenge, don’t be afraid to do so. Just remember to take regular breaks, as weights can make you tired fast.
Turning your cleaning into a workout session is not as hard, now that you know what to emphasize on. The next time you initiate your domestic cleaning rounds, be sure to focus on the calorie burning elements. You will notice a difference right away!

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