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How to Clean and Freshen Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is made to remove kitchen waste and unfortunately you should take care for it by yourself , imagine calling a waste removal company for that, right ... However, but food particles sometimes become trapped inside the disposal and drainpipes reducing its efficiency. Such trapped waste particles also act as a favourable breeding ground for moulds and bacteria which creates an unpleasant odour and put your health at risk. homemade-cleaner As a precaution, it is advisable to clean garbage disposal every once in a while e.g. ones per week using the following methods. Use baking soda and vinegar Pour half-cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar into the disposal. The combination will produce a fizz which you should leave for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, boil water using a medium size pot. When the water reaches a steady boil, pour it down the drain, and it will clean up any clogging waste and deodorise the garbage disposal as well. Water and bleach Prepare a gallon of water. Add one tablespoon of liquid chlorine into the water. Gently pour the solution down the drain and give it several minutes allowing it to work. The chlorine bleach will kill the bacteria, clean any grease in the drains and also help with the smell. Flush water afterwards. Draining hot water is more effective more so when it comes to cleaning grease. Caution, wear gloves and cover your nose when doing this procedure. This is to help prevent the contact with bleach which can dry out your skin and associated minor headaches induced by its smell. Ice and citrus peels Undertaking any of the above methods will ensure your garbage disposal stays clean and odour free. Using ice and citrus peels is a one step further in cleaning cutting blades. Place several ice cubes in the garbage drain and grind. Later, add citrus peels to help with scenting the area and cleaning up the blades. Additional tips As you clean your dishes, use hot water and detergents that will help to break up the grease. Grease is bad for the garbage disposal. It hardens the drains and retains odours. Therefore, ensure that little grease as possible goes down the drain. Constantly run water into your garbage disposal as it will help keep it clean and clear of garbage. Remember to disconnect the power to the garbage disposal every time you do the clean-up. The best way to ensure the power is cut is by unplugging from the power socket.

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