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Household Tasks You Can Do While You're on the Phone

Since most of us can barely squeeze time for the small household tasks, we often tackle them while doing something else. There are some jobs that are simply bound to be multi-tasked, like folding the laundry while on the phone. Actually, chatting with a friend or a family member can help you forget you’re doing tedious household chores. 
Many of these cleaning tasks don’t require a lot of thought or attention, but can quickly pile up when things gets busy. You can easily tackle them when stuck on hold or while making a call or having a casual conversation.  However, you may want to leave the cleaning chores for later, if you are talking with your accountant about your tax returns.
household-tasks-you-can-do-while-youre-on-the-phone Whether you are talking on a landline or you are using the headphones of your smart phones, you will be done with these cleaning tasks by the time you finish a phone call.

  • Use a dry mop to collect the loose dirt and dust from the floor surface, instead of vacuum cleaner. A rag cloth is great for grabbing dust bunnies around your electronics.
  • Organize a drawer. Cabinets and other storage area tend to accumulate a lot of clutter.
  • Put your closet in order. Arrange your clothing by type or colour. Take out the seasonal clothes.  Pile up the little used pieces for to donation.
  • Load the washing machine
  • Wipe out the outside of  appliances such as the  oven, fridge and microwave
  • Make the bed
  • Fold laundry
  • Scrub the toilet bowl
  • Clean the sink with magic easer and the wipe it out with a towel.
  • Soak your make-up and hair brushes in diluted shampoo.
  • Organize your collectables like CDs, books and other items.
  • Use window cleaner to wipe the doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Shine up the surfaces with feather duster
  • Check your cabinets for expired food, old medicines and clutter items. Corral your bits and bobs in box in the cupboard.
  • Gather old magazines, newspapers and mails for recycling.
  • Wipe the  TV screen  and buff the computer monitor and keyboard
  • Clean the refrigerator and wipe down the shelves.  Get rid of rotten fruits and veggies and use any leftover food to make a new dish. 
  • Dust the blinds and the window shutters.
  • Put things back to their original place.
  • Load or unload the dishwasher
  • Flip and fluff your sofa pillows
  • Clear off the flat surfaces like the coffee table and the shelving.
There is really no excuse not to do these household tasks while on the phone.

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