Are you a mom that never seems to stop…by Nanette

Our Little Blessing…

Welcome 2012!

When I posted “mom thoughts” I told you we were awaiting the birth of our granddaughter. Well, she is here! Christal was born on Dec. 31st at 4:33 p.m. She is healthy and a very happy baby.

I was given the privilege of being in the labor and delivery room through it all.

While I sat and watched the expecting parents sleep for a few hours I thought about how far we had come as a family over the past few months. I also thought about how life was going to change for them and what a wonderful blessing this little girl would be, I thought about how I have become closer to our mom to be as well, and I thanked God for what he was doing and going to do. I did my best to give the kids their privacy by sitting in a chair in the corner for awhile, when they checked progress of mom I turned my back, when the time came to deliver I sat quietly and prayed for them as they pushed and pushed. I was so proud of my son, Jordan as he coached Michelle through the delivery. They talked to each other and encouraged each other through it all. When Christal made her appearance I was then directed to taking the picture of my son cutting the umbilical cord. As I took the picture I could barely see through my tears of joy. The nurse showed us the baby and then took her to clean her up. I remember looking at my son(who was teared up) and then down at his girlfriend – we hugged each other and cried happy tears saying we loved each other. I knew God had given us such a wonderful gift and we would be OK.
Then the camera came out – of course Grandma had to get pictures of them weighing and measuring Christal. 21″ 8 lbs 7 ozs.

Beautiful little girl!

Then mom and dad held her.

Now it was my turn to cuddle my first grandchild. Yes, more tears of joy were flowing.

Jordan’s Mom – Grandma K

Over the past 2 weeks I have watched mom and dad grow up a lot. They are getting up for feedings, diaper changes, and enjoying the time with their little girl.

One of my favorite memories already is sitting in another room and hearing my son sing to his little girl. They are staying with us for awhile and it is fun to watch them daily as they are learning and experiencing new things with their baby girl.
Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying our time with Christal in the evenings while mom and dad have a little break.

Jordan’s dad -  Grandpa K

We have had lots of visitors over the past couple of weeks as well. All the grandparents, great grandparents, and even great great Grandma have been to visit. Michelle has 5 generations represented on her side and we have 4 on ours. Pictures will be taken when we are all here together

Michelle’s Mom – Grandma and her boyfriend Tom


Michelle’s Grandparents – Great Grandpa and Great Grandma

Jordan’s Grandma – Great Grandma

Michelle’s Great Grandma -  Great Great Grandma



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