Are you a mom that never seems to stop…by Nanette

What is your favorite cookie?


Annual Cookie Baking Day 2011!   This is one of my most treasured times with my sisters, cousin, and my mom.   This list is created at Thanksgiving, I do the shopping, and set up my kitchen.   I tuned my oven on at 6:30 a.m. and it was turned off around 5:00p.m.

The supply table

Jackie is the ” Mix Master”  she can double a recipe and keeps the schedule going throughout the day

Mom is the “Scooper”  and can scoop pretty quickly!

Issy and Michelle are the decorators.   Issy likes to see color.

Gus Gus is “The Inspector”.  I can around the corner after putting out the peanut butter blossoms and found him on the chair.  He was not as close to the table as he appears and was promptly shooed down after the picture was taken.

Wally was close by to do the “Taste Testing”  only the broken cookies.

Issy was melting chocolate and making the pretty pretzel treats

Can’t have enough of these!

The orange cookie is the Dreamsicle  made with Tang instant powder drink

English Toffee cookie – we normally put nuts on top. I went out on a limb and put toffee chips this year!  (I don’t care for nuts on food)

Cookies Galore!

23  different kinds!

Where was I you ask?   I was in charge of the oven and taking the pictures.

We packed up our cookies for friends and gifts at the end.  What is your favorite cookie?


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