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Odd Socks?

Why do I dislike sorting socks so much? Of any job as a housewife this has to be the WORST of all! Because I totally dislike it I tend to let them pile up instead of just sorting them.
So today I decided that enough is enough time to get this job done!

First pile to tackle….

Ok, I got very excited when I looked at this pile – I noticed after a bleach soak and wash several socks just weren’t clean enough.  So in the garbage they go.  Less to sort.

Then I noticed some of the pairs had holes – more for the garbage and less to sort.   I’m on a roll this isn’t so bad after all.

Pile # 2 -  This should be the easiest since most of them have patterns.

Well, after about an hour I have sorted and matched several pairs of socks.  Tossed a bunch and have a pile of unmatched socks.

I decided no match = garbage this time around.

I do have one question though ” Where does the odd sock come from when I put 2 in the washer and dryer to start with?”

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