Are you a mom that never seems to stop…by Nanette

What day is it?

As I sit here and realize it is Friday night already I wonder where the week went?

I started each day with my daycare kids and when they left for school it was time to get busy…

*  catch up on emails
* work on my blog posts
* comment on other blogs I enjoy
* Bible study homework and class

* cleaning of gecko tanks
* 3 feedings of the gecko room

* prayer throughout the day
* dog to groomer (actually forgot take him on Monday and had to reschedule)

* mom to doctor
* laundry

* clipped coupons, organized and pulled the ones I needed for shopping

* grocery shopping
* worked in gecko facility
* laundry

* made dinners
* worked on some scrapbook organization
* talked to several friends on phone
* had lunch with a couple friends
* laundry (did I mention that)

* worked on my scrapbook business
* worked on organizing stuff for the reptile show in October
* cleaned the house
* lots of time in prayer
* walks with my dog
* Sunday School prep
* library visit

* post office
* other errands

and then I wonder where did my week go?    What was your week like?

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