Are you a mom that never seems to stop…by Nanette

T-ball and Ice Cream… homeruns in my book!

Today I decided that since it wasn’t raining (I have watched my share of sporting events in the rain) it would be a good day to go watch my nephew’s t-ball game. He is 5 and 3/4′s as he puts it.

When we arrived we found out that the game had to be canceled because the field was under water. Bummer!

The night was not a total loss – we went over to their house and had ice cream sundaes with them.
In my book that was a home-run!!!

On the way home Wally and I reminisced about our boys in their t-ball years.

1. The field we played on was next to the fire station in our town. Every time the siren when or firetrucks would leave the station house ALL the kids would stop and watch the action. They didn’t care who was up to bat or who was running it was too exciting to watch the firetruck!

2. Tim would pick the dandelions in the outfield and spin around.

3. Jordan built the best sand hills on the base he was playing. One year his coach threatened to buy him a bag of sand instead of giving him a trophy at the end of the season. He was joking of course.

4. Christopher broke his wrist the night before his first game as the catcher.

5. The kid who ran the bases backwards (not my son- thank goodness)

6. Tim’s helmet was go big that when he ran the bases the helmet turned on his head.
7. Christopher broke his wrist for the second time – he was the catcher.

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  1. Wally Kern says:

    I remember all the base hits and great catches, not the dropped balls or strikeout. Our kids strike out? Never!

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