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Fun things to do at summer school…


Another activity for summer daycare:

Summer School:

This week summer school begins for the daycare.   Summer school here in our school district offers the kids academic, art, sports, drama and a whole bunch of other options.   They go for 3 hours a day for 4 weeks at a very reseasonable fee for the classes.  Each hour is a different class.

They also offer intro to K5 and 1st grade.  The kids love to go.

The district offers busing, however, the cost is really high per child.  I have for the past 5 years taken the kids back and forth.  The drop off and pick ups are organized well for the kids attending the classes at the high school. The Intro classes for K5 and 1st grade are at another Elementary School and you have to go in to drop off and pick up for safety reasons.  All in all it works pretty good.   By doing this I save the parents some money (they do pay me a fee for gas) and I get to pick up the kids and have the whole afternoon to do other fun things.


Bryce and Mikayla are taking:

Jordan was able to get into a very popular class:

Lego Robotics

Jordan is also taking:

Football – to help jumpstart for fall tackle football


Claire and Jordan were able to get into the very popular:


and then Claire is also taking:

Clothes and Accessories


Art Fun



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